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How to Teach Mental Skills to Athletes:

Confident, Calm, and Clutch Coaching Companion - The Ultimate Guide to Coaching Mental Toughness

As a coach you can use Confident, Calm & Clutch to help build mental toughness with your team.  Discover how to implement the lessons from the book into your practice plan, order copies of the book for every team member at a discount and get guidance and assistance from me as you go! 


Learn how to implement drills and activities from the book into practice

Step by step guide on when and where to use drills within your practice plans and during games. 

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How to Teach Mental Skills To Athletes:

Confident, Calm and Clutch Coaching Companion

The Ultimate Guide to Coaching Mental Toughness


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Expert Advice

Many coaches who have read Confident, Calm & Clutch have stated that they want to get a copy for their whole team.  And I realized that I could help coaches deliberately and systematically implement these lessons into their coaching.  With the coaching companion I provide several specific ways to use the book with your team.  You can treat it like a weekly homework assignment where you read and discuss one chapter per week or you can learn when and where to embed the drills in the book into practice.  

Easy to Use Drills

Don't just read about mental toughness, implement it into your coaching.  Start implementing specific drills into your practice plan or pre/post game strategy.  These easy to use drills work for coaches at any level, help athletes become more aware of the mental game and to start building mental toughness.  It doesn't require a masters or PhD. With guidance from me, using purposeful questioning and allowing space for dialogue coaches can really make a difference in the mental toughness of their athletes.