What's a good way to deal with a SLUMP?

Apr 16, 2023

If you want to get out of a slump one of the best thing you can do is redefine success.  Make sure you are focused on the elements of your play that you can control.  When it comes to a hitting slump often the more you press and TRY to get out of the slump the worse it gets.  

Focus on your process.  Swing at good pitches, be aggressive at the plate, focus on moving runners or making the pitcher throw tons of pitches.  Redefine what it means to be successful at the plate.  If the only way you define success is by the amount of hits you get your going to stay frustrated.  

Here are few additional ideas:

  1. Visualize success - imagine yourself making the next big hit and feel confident in your abilities
  2. Talk to someone who has faced similar struggles - discuss the strategies they used to work through their slump and get some helpful advice
  3. Focus on the basics - practice proper batting form and technique to ensure you're hitting correctly
  4. What works for you - think back to the last time you were hitting like a rock star, what were you thinking about at the plate? What was your focus? Get back to doing that!
  5. Make sure you're having fun playing - enjoy what you're doing and be sure to laugh if things don't go as planned!
  6.  Incorporate Breathing Exercises - Taking deep breaths can help relax you when pressure mounts during a tough game.
  7. And sometimes you might just need to Take a Break - Stepping away from the game for a few days can help clear your head and refocus your mind on what's most important 

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