What to do if a college coach is watching you play?

Apr 16, 2023

This answer may ruffle some feathers but you should do absolutely nothing! YEP THAT'S RIGHT DO NOTHING!

And by "nothing" I mean nothing different.  Whether someone is watching you play or not has absolutely no relevance to the game you are playing and what it takes to be successful.  The only thing that changes when a college coach is watching you is your mindset.  And the good news is that's under your control.

You should prepare for your game the same way you always do.  Stick to your routines.

You should play the same way you always do.  Don't change your approach.  Stick to what works for you

Essentially, pretend they aren't there!

This is the best option.  If you can't do that then you need to realize that coaches don't expect you to be perfect.  In fact, they want to see how you handle yourself after a mistake. Do you pout? Do you take it out on equipment or your teammates? Do you take a deep breathe and move on? What do you do when a ref/umpire makes a bad call and it costs your team? 

Coaches come to watch you play to understand you as a person not just what you can do in your sport.

Show good character and treat your coaches, teammates, parents and refs/umpires well.  Remember, they are trying to decide if they want you around for the next 4 years.  You can be an amazingly talented athlete but if you are a poor teammate and have a bad attitude when things don't go your way, your coach knows you're not likely to get any better at those things in college.  


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