Mental Toughness Books for Athletes,  Parents, & Coaches

Confident, Calm & Clutch

How to Build Confidence and Mental Toughness in Young Athletes Using Sports Psychology

Become a confident and resilient champion with this essential guidebook on mental toughness – nourish the body by strengthening the mind!

A lack of mental toughness is the biggest enemy of athletes. It can hinder your performance, fuel self-doubt, and lead you to give up at the slightest difficulty.

Fortunately, mental toughness isn’t something you have to be born with. You can develop it through practice and dedication… so you can become more resilient and flexible and be able to challenge setbacks and turn them into breakthroughs.

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Audiobook Now Available!

Listen to a sample below.  Get your copy on Audible or iTunes.  Listen while you drive to games and practice. And take advantage of a BONUS lesson not available in the print version.   

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How to Teach Mental Skills to Athletes: Confident, Calm, and Clutch Coaching Companion - The Ultimate Guide to Coaching Mental Toughness

This is a companion manual for coaches who want to use Confident, Calm & Clutch with their teams. 

 As a coach you can use Confident, Calm & Clutch to help build mental toughness with your team.  Discover how to implement the lessons from the book into your practice plan, order copies of the book for every team member at a discount and get guidance and assistance from me as you go!  

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Confident, Calm & Clutch Journal

Your Mental Toughness Training Companion

This journal is designed to help you build your self-awareness and develop the mental processes that help your performance, and discover what's getting in your way, so you can change it. The first few pages of the journal explain what types of things you should be journaling about as it relates to your performance. The rest of the pages give you an opportunity to rate the quality of your confidence, motivation, focus, and energy each day. This allows you to see trends over time. The notes pages allow you to reflect and free think about your experiences that day, and how your specific thoughts, emotions, and physiological states affect you and your performance.

It is a great companion to any of my training programs or to help you implement the tools in my book. 

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Is Your Teen Stressed Out? Ebook

Parenting an adolescent can be one of the most challenging experiences you’ll ever have. Just when you think your child is growing up and becoming more responsible and helpful around the house, the teen years set in. This book provides very practical tips to help your teen athlete manage stress.

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