Mental Skills Training Programs

Online self-paced education courses that combine video instruction and activities to help you build skills in your desired area.

All Programs are delivered in the Toughness Trainer App.  After purchase you will be re-directed to create a username and password which will give you access to the program you have purchased.  

Confidence Kickstarter Workshop

I help your athlete build their confidence so they can play with more joy and freedom. They will learn how to kickstart confidence by…

1. Eliminate doubts and fears and play free and with more joy.

2. Grow from failure and become truly resilient .

3. Perform at their highest potential consistently.

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The Mental Edge Maximizer

I help elite high school athletes gain a mental edge and build the resilience needed to perform and thrive at the collegiate level.

In this program, I help your athlete transform into the college athlete they want to be by learning about the Mental Edge Formula, which helps them:

  1. Improve their performance by building mental toughness and gaining the mental edge over others;

  2. Be “recruitable” by becoming the type of athlete the college coaches want to invest in;

  3. Learn valuable life skills that will serve them throughout their life not just in sport.

This program is designed for elite athletes ages 13-18 looking to compete at the next level.

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Badass Ballplayer Program

A Badass Ballplayer is cool, calm and clutch under pressure. They compete hard, know how to deal with failure moments, are coachable, & excel on the field and in life. They do all of this while also being a good teammate.

Are you a parent of a high school softball or baseball player who wants to make the varsity team? Earn a spot on a Premier travel team? Earn a college scholarship?

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Mastering the Mental Game

Learn specific mental tools to master your motivation, attention, confidence, and energy. Instantly increase the quality of your play and competitiveness by learning the tools to recover quicker from slumps, to handle pressure like a champ, and deal with the natural ups and downs of the game/sport.

This program is designed for any level of athlete that wants to better manage the mental side of their sport.

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Growth Club

This is a great add on to all of my programs that don't already include group coaching. 

Group Coaching Session are held weekly via Zoom. 

These sessions allow you to ask questions about any of the content you have watched (from my programs) or the unique struggles you are facing as you play your sport. Most athletes find it powerful to learn that others are having similar struggles as them and to hear the creative ways they are showing up for themselves and creating solutions.

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