Team Consultation

Team Workshops

Workshops 1-3 hour sessions, individually tailored to meet the needs of the team.

Workshops can be a "one and done" model in which I come to your team for a one-time session to address a specific need or we can engage in shorter recurring sessions that teach metal skills over time. I can help your team/athletes build better motivation, confidence, focus, and emotional control to excel on the playing field. We can also address topics related to overall resilience, health and well-being.

Ultimately, if there is a topic (see home page) that you think would enhance that quality of your team's play or well-being than I am happy to create an awesome interactive training event to help your team/athletes learn and grow.

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Team Building

I provide team building to meet the needs of any team. Sessions are designed and structured to address barriers affecting functioning, cohesion or performance.

There are 5 general categories of activities:

  1. General Get to Know You/ Icebreakers: these activities are best when the team is new and still getting to know each other or if there is little personal interaction between teammates on a day to day basis. Getting to know people better tends to foster better communication and cohesion.


  2. Goal Setting/Team Identity: these activities are focused on developing a team identity. The group works together to develop a common mission statement, goals or characteristics for which they want to be known. The whole team takes part in developing the product which leads to better buy-in to the mission and identity because they helped create it.


  3. Communication Skills: these activities put the team into situations in which they have to communicate in specific ways in order to be successful. All activities highlight some of the fundamentals to effective communication. They often involve creating high pressure or stressful situations to mimic real life. The team is able to see what barriers they have that get in the way of effective communication and develop solutions for the future.


  4. Building Trust: these activities focus on building trust within the group. Team members are often limited in some way (i.e. blindfolded) and are forced to rely on others to negotiate a task successfully.


  5. Problem Solving: these activities present unique situations in which the team must work together to create a solution. We do our best to mimic the real life problem solving challenges that the group would actually face in their playing/real life environment.

All team building training is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the requesting group. The team or organization can choose to focus on one area of team building or multiple areas. I will design the training to meet whatever block of time that you can provide.

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Do you run Sport Camps?

Would you like mental skills to be part of your camp? I can come and deliver a workshop or run a mental skills station at your camp.  Pricing is based on whether instruction is in person or via Zoom. 

If you would like to bulk order my book Confident, Calm & Clutch: How to Build Confidence and Mental Toughness for Young Athlete using Sport Psychology or companion Journal for your campers use the link below.  

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Coaches, what about you?

Would you like to learn how to implement mental skills training into your practices? Do you want to know how to build the mental toughness of your athletes? If so, follow the link below for more information. 

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